Labour have become obsessed with growing the DNA database

This week it was revealed that the number of profiles stored on the DNA database by police forces in England and Wales has topped 10% of the population for the first time. Whilst there is no argument that DNA is an important forensic tool in detecting and prosecuting crime, Labour have been obsessed with growing the DNA database for the sake of it. Guilt or innocence isn't relevant. In Labour's database state it's simply about expanding the amount of information held by government.

Environmental Matters at Scargill School

Earlier today (Tuesday) I visited Scargill Infant School in Elm Park for a special assembly to mark the official opening of the school's new solar panels.  It was a fun event and the children had put a great deal of effort into making things out of recycled material as part of their contribution to help the environment.  My favourites were a model of Big Ben made out of plastic bottles and a wind turbine made out of cardboard.  Recycling is a big thing at Scargill - they even have a wormery to turn leftover food into compost!  Congratulations to all involved.