Hospital Petition Goes to Number 10

James Brokenshire has joined fellow MP David Evennett and the editor of the News Shopper Richard Firth in taking the Queen Mary's Hospital campaign to Downing Street. The group handed in a 2,500 name petition in support of the latest part of the campaign to save services at the Sidcup hospital.

Macmillan Cancer Care's Sidcup Roots

Douglas Macmillan's link to Sidcup has been commemorated by Bexley Civic Society with the unveiling of a new plaque at the house where he lived in Knoll Road.  The founder of Macmillan Cancer Care lived in Sidcup for over 40 years during which time the foundations of the charity were developed.

Missing Persons

James Brokenshire has highlighted Government action to respond to runaways and missing children and adults during a Parliamentary debate. The Minister for Crime Prevention emphasized the importance he placed on improving current measures highlighting a number of steps which have already been implemented by the Coalition Government.

ID Fraud Awareness

James Brokenshire has given his backing to efforts to raise awareness of how to reduce the risk of having your personal details mis-used.  Speaking at a special event in Bexley to mark National Identity Fraud Prevention Week, James said that the greater use of technology had increased the challenges and the means by which fraudsters could harvest and exchange stolen data.

Easing Dartford Crossing Congestion

The Department for Transport has announced measures to improve traffic flows across the Dartford River Crossing. In a statement issued alongside the Comprehensive Spending Review it was revealed that the Department will embark on an assessment of the options for future capacity increases at Dartford, funded by toll charges.

Independent Review Needed on Hospital Plans

James Brokenshire has called for an independent re-examination of the controversial 'A Picture of Health' plans for local hospitals after a review commissioned by local health mangers endorsed the proposals.

Questions over future of Bexley Sorting Office

James Brokenshire has called on Royal Mail to consult the public over potential changes to local delivery operations which may result in the sorting office in Bexley Village being shut. The MP has expressed concerns that any closure of the sorting office should not make picking up undelivered items of post or parcels significantly more difficult.

Cutting Crimes Against Business

James Brokenshire has underlined the importance of tackling crimes against business and how Government reforms will support this work in a speech to representatives from the retail industry.

World Mental Health Day

James Brokenshire has given his support to local efforts to raise awareness of mental health issues as part of World Mental Health Day on 10 October. The MP spoke to health professionals and support workers at a special stall on the Broadway in Bexleyheath about community services to support local mental health needs in Bexley.