New Direction for Hospital Changes Urged

James Brokenshire has urged the Health Secretary not to pursue the much criticised 'A Picture of Health' plans for local hospital reorganisation and instead partner local hospitals in South East London with key Central London teaching hospitals.

New Controls on Cheap Alcohol

Retailers will be banned from selling alcohol below the rate of duty + VAT under new plans announced by Home Office Minister James Brokenshire.

Hospital Standards Criticised

The Care Quality Commission has published critical reports on the hospitals managed by the South London Healthcare Trust calling for urgent improvements. The CQC identified breaches in regulations covering staffing levels, safeguarding, standards of care, the management of medicines, record-keeping and systems to assess standards of care.

Rail Reliability Questioned

James Brokenshire has written to the Transport Secretary to ask what assessment he has made of Southeastern Trains performance after numerous complaints from commuters over continued reliability issues.  Train services from Bexley were badly affected during the recent snow and serious complaints were made about poor communication and co-ordination at that time.

Extra Time for Royal Wedding Celebrations

James Brokenshire has announced proposals to allow pubs, clubs, bars and other licensed premises to stay open until 1am to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  The extended hours on Friday 29 April and Saturday 30 April 2011 would allow many premises to open an extra two hours and put on live music and other forms of entertainment if they choose to mark the special occasion.

Drug Driving Testing

Police forces are a step closer to having equipment to test motorists suspected of drug driving, Home Office Minister James Brokenshire announced today. The Home Office has produced the specification for a new police station-based drug screening device. The document sets out what the device will do and the standards it must meet.

Tackling Anti-social Behaviour

Trials of a new approach for handling complaints of antisocial behaviour were unveiled today by crime prevention minister James Brokenshire.  Eight police force areas will change the way they respond to calls, using a new system to log complaints and improving the use of IT to share information.

City Airport Debate

The transcript and video of my recent adjournment debate on the impact of increased flights from London City Airport can be found by following the link set out below.

Powers to Stop Gang Violence

'Gang injunctions' can be used by police and local authorities from next month, James Brokenshire has announced.  The court orders are designed to break down gang culture by imposing prohibitions and requirements.

NHS London Recommendation "Predictable"

James Brokenshire has said that a report to the Board of NHS London recommending that the 'A Picture of Health' plans for local hospitals satisfied new Government tests was "utterly predictable".  But the MP underlined that this was far from the end of the line for Queen Mary's Hospital.