World Mental Health Day


James Brokenshire has given his support to World Mental Health Day visiting a special stall in Bexleyheath to mark the event.

One in four people in the UK has a mental health problem at some point, which can affect their daily life, relationships or physical health. Every year in the UK, more than 250,000 people are admitted to psychiatric hospitals and over 4,000 people commit suicide.

Half of those with mental health problems first experience symptoms before the age of 14 and three-quarters before their mid twenties. Depression is also the most common mental health problem in people aged over 65, with 13-16 per cent having sufficiently severe depression to require treatment.

James Brokenshire said:

"Mental health issues are often misunderstood and I welcome the opportunity to raise awareness of the support that is available. It's important that we end the stigma which can be attached to mental health problems. So many people need help with depression and other mental illnesses and today's event brings much needed focus to this issue."