Welling Will Remember Them

James Brokenshire has praised the work of the East Wickham & Welling War Memorial Trust in bringing to life the stories of local men who gave their lives in the Great War.  The Trust has launched an exhibition at Hall Place underlining the way in which virtually every family was touched in some way by the loss of a local soldier. 

The Trust received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to launch a community project – WElling WILL REMEMBER THEM – to research and tell the stories of the men listed on the East Wickham & Welling War Memorial and to uncover any names that have been left off and need to be added.  A team of research volunteers has painstakingly investigated details of the lives of each of those recorded on the Memorial.  The information produced is now on display at Hall Place with more in depth details available online.

The Exhibition was launched by the Mayor of Bexley Councillor Howard Marriner and James Brokenshire at a special event at Hall Place last Saturday.  During the session historian Peter Catterall gave an insight of the broader context of the build up to World War 1 and the profound impact the war had on communities across the country – including those in Bexley.

Commenting James said:

“I commend the East Wickham & Welling War Memorial Trust for their incredible work in properly documenting and recording the lives of those local men who were killed serving their country during the Great War.  ‘Welling Will Remember Them’ underlines that those recorded on the War Memorial were fathers, brothers, husbands with families left with a huge loss after their loved one’s lost their lives in the service of their country.  They were real people not just names recorded on a monument. 

“The Trust has done a huge service to the community by underlining the sacrifice of these men.  One hundred years after the start of World War One it is as important now as ever to remember them.  The work of the East Wickham & Welling War Memorial Trust will help ensure that we will continue to do so long into the future.”

The ‘Welling Will Remember Them’ exhibition will run for six months at Hall Place.

James Brokenshire MP is pictured with Councillor Nigel Betts, Chairman of the Trustees of the East Wickham & Welling War Memorial Trust