Waitrose Petition Push

James Brokenshire is encouraging local residents to ensure their names are added to the ‘We Want Waitrose’ petition as campaigners make a final push for signatures over the next fortnight.  The petition has already gained over 4,000 names as part of the campaign to get Waitrose to commit to opening their new store in Sidcup as soon as possible.  

Waitrose announced in May that a re-think of their new convenience store business model meant that they were pulling back from opening their proposed store in Sidcup even though the development is nearing completion.  The new Waitrose store was intended to form part of a new development in the eastern section of Sidcup High Street which includes a new Travelodge Hotel.  

James Brokenshire has had a number of discussions with Waitrose senior executives to get them to change their plans and put the opening of the Sidcup Waitrose back on track.  The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has also written to Waitrose, asking them to reconsider their decision and to express his support for the development.  

“Waitrose senior executives have told me that whilst they’ve put their plans on hold, the Sidcup store has certainly not been ruled out.”  James said.  

“That’s why the ‘We Want Waitrose’ campaign and the support that thousands of Sidcup residents have already given is so important to maintain the pressure on Waitrose and see that they open their promised store as soon as possible.”  

The ‘We Want Waitrose’ petition is available to sign online at www.ipetitions.com/petition/we-want-waitrose.