Teaching with technology at Burnt Oak Junior School

James Brokenshire has taken part in a world first interactive learning event with pupils at Burnt Oak Junior School in Sidcup and students from nearby Rose Bruford College. James entered the online world of Minecraft along with the school’s eight classes, to learn about the story of King Midas, using technology and the skills of Rose Bruford’s drama students to create a fascinating learning experience for the children.

Burnt Oak Junior School is currently taking part in a UNESCO project for using innovative technologies to assist learning in schools. During this event pupils used Minecraft, an online, virtual world, to explore the kingdom of Midas and talk to the King, Apollo and other characters from the tale,  gathering clues about the story along the way.

Prior to the online session, drama students from Rose Bruford visited pupils in their classrooms in character, to introduce themselves and explain what they would be doing during the afternoon.

Commenting James said: “This event has been a great way to see innovative technologies used in the classroom and a world first in one of our local junior schools. It was an eye-opener to see how technology can be used to support a dedicated and engaged teaching staff and, judging by how captivated they children were throughout the afternoon, I am sure that everyone involved will have learnt a lot from the experience.”