Strengthening the Response to Antisocial Behaviour

James Brokenshire has said new Government proposals will provide relief to victims of antisocial behaviour and strengthen the response to disorder in local communities.  The Minister for Crime and Security’s comments come as the Home Office publishes details of plans to streamline the measures available to the police and other agencies to combat graffiti, vandalism and yobbish behaviour.

The White Paper “Putting Victims First – More Effective Response to Antisocial Behaviour” will reduce 19 complex existing powers to six simple and flexible new ones.  And for the first time, victims who feel their problems are not being taken seriously enough will have the right to force action through a newly introduced Community Trigger. 

The Government will support supporting local areas by:

  • focusing the response to anti-social behaviour on the needs of victims - helping agencies to identify and support people at high risk of harm, giving frontline professionals more freedom to do what they know works, and improving our understanding of the experiences of victims
  • empowering communities to get involved in tackling anti-social behaviour – including by giving victims and communities the power to ensure action is taken to deal with persistent antisocial behaviour through a new community trigger, and making it easier for communities to demonstrate in court the harm they are suffering
  • ensuring professionals are able to protect the public quickly – giving them faster, more effective formal powers, and speeding up the eviction process for the most antisocial tenants, in response to recent consultations by the Home Office and Department for Communities and Local Government
  • focusing on long-term solutions – by addressing the underlying issues that drive antisocial behaviour, such as binge drinking, drug use, mental health issues, troubled family backgrounds and irresponsible dog ownership


Responding to questions in the House of Commons, James Brokenshire told MPs:

“The criminal behaviour order would carry a tough criminal sanction for breach, and other measures, such as the crime prevention injunction, are about having speedier justice to bring relief to communities. These measures are about strengthening the response to antisocial behaviour.”