Snow Chaos

I am all too aware of the problems which have occurred today as a consequence of the severe winter weather.  The A2 and A20 were closed for parts of the day and local roads were grid-locked by the diverted traffic and vehicles getting stuck in the snow.  Bexley Village ground to a complete standstill for parts of the day.

I have had a number of updates from Bexley Council on the situation.  I have been told that roads were gritted at 7am on Tuesday morning following the main roads being gritted between 10pm and 3am the night before.  It's been reported to me that 54 tonnes of salt were laid in addition to the 60 tonnes laid over the weekend.  However the heavy snowfall combined with a lack of traffic to mix the salt into the snow reduced its effect.

The Council have said that their teams are ready to work through the night.  However, with the snow continuing to fall overnight and thick snow laying in a number of side roads, it still looks as if journeys
to work and school on Wednesday morning will be challenging.