Safeguarding Children

James Brokenshire has said that the UK's ability to protect children from harm will be further strengthened when the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) becomes part of the National Crime Agency (NCA).

As part of the NCA, CEOP will operate across the UK and internationally in the powerful new crime fighting agency to tackle child sexual exploitation, and develop its vital work educating children and their carers on how to protect themselves online.

The Government will build on CEOP's successes by ensuring it retains its name and unique brand as the national centre for child protection; its operational control; a separate budget; a governance structure which allows it to create and sustain innovative partnerships with the private sector and charities; and a multi-disciplinary workforce.

Minister for Crime Prevention James Brokenshire said:

"Child protection is an absolute priority for this government. As a core part of the new National Crime Agency, CEOP will not only be in the best possible position to continue its vital work but will also benefit from being able to draw on the resources and support available across the whole agency.

"CEOP has been an amazing success and this government will always back its vital work."