Royal Wedding Celebrations

Had a fantastic day joining in the celebrations for the Royal Wedding at a special event in Bexley Village.  Watched the coverage of the service from Westminster Abbey and all of the build-up on a big screen in the Freemantle Hall in the Village.  It certainly added to the enjoyment of the occasion to be able to share the spirit of the day with others.  The kids had a great time too and all in all it added to the community feel.  Thanks to Pam Campbell for coming up with the idea and for all of the hard work and organisation which went in.  

As for the main event itself, I don't think it could have been better.  Pomp and pageantry yes, but with some real personal touches and a contemporary feel.  The music from Hubert Parry stirring and evcocative.  The imagery classic.  A collective reminder of what it is to British whilst at the same time celebrating the special bond between two people.  Who could ask for more from a wedding, Royal or otherwise?