River Cray Consultation

James Brokenshire has met with the Environment Agency to discuss long-term plans to improve the natural habitat and ecology of the River Cray.  The Environment Agency is currently seeking feedback from community groups and the public on how the biodiversity of the River Cray can be enhanced.

The Environment Agency will be hosting a public event at Hall Place Sports Pavilion on Thursday 31 May between 3.30 and 7.00pm to seek views on how improvements might be taken forward.

The open day is a chance for the Environment Agency to encourage a more open dialogue with the local community to make sure people are heard over how our river is managed. The Environment Agency will record all ideas and challenges put forward at the event as they are seeking this to be the start of an ongoing consultation over their plans to promote a clean and natural river for future generations.

Commenting James Brokenshire said:

“The natural beauty and habitat of the River Cray provide huge benefits to Bexley and should be treasured and protected.  Any proposals must clearly demonstrate tangible benefits for the Cray and its natural environment and will need careful scrutiny and detailed consideration.  It’s important that any plans are developed in partnership with the public and respect the views of the local community.”