Questions over future of Bexley Sorting Office

James Brokenshire has called on Royal Mail to consult the public over potential changes to local delivery operations which may result in the sorting office in Bexley Village being shut. The MP has expressed concerns that any closure of the sorting office should not make picking up undelivered items of post or parcels significantly more difficult.

Royal Mail has announced a review of its processing and delivery operations with the potential for consolidating sorting offices - including Bexley - onto the existing Dartford mail centre as greater automisation is introduced. Any changes are not expected to be introduced before Spring 2012 and Royal Mail is currently in negotiations with trade union representatives.

Commenting James Brokenshire said:

"Whilst Royal Mail clearly needs to introduce greater efficiencies to its business, it's important that the public are involved in any changes that impact on local mail collection arrangements. Assurances have been given that if the Bexley sorting office is shut new collection arrangements for post and parcels will be introduced, but these have yet to be set out. This could involve picking up undelivered items from a local post office.

"I want to be assured that this won't mean people having to traipse halfway across the borough to pick up items which don't fit through the letterbox or which require a signature. I've asked Royal Mail for further details and have said that the public should be consulted over any proposals - although any changes are not imminent."