Providing Help in Tough Times

“The plans announced by Chancellor will make a real difference to help hard working families with the cost of living.”  That was how James Brokenshire welcomed the range of measures detailed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in his Autumn Statement. 

One of the key announcements was that fuel duty will be frozen for nineteen months in total.  The plan had been for fuel duty to be 3p higher in January and 5p higher by August next year. Instead, the duty increase planned for January will be cancelled and the fuel duty from August 2012 will be limited to 3 pence higher than it is now. Families will save £144 on filling up the average family car by the end of next year.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, said:

"We are committed to making Britain the best place to start, finance and grow a business.

"The measures I am announcing today will help us to achieve this by creating an environment in which businesses are easy to set up, have access to credit when they need it and are able to grow without being held back by red tape.

"This action supports our deficit reduction plan and the Government's monetary activism as we build a balanced economy."

Other relevant announcements for Bexley residents include:

  • Limiting the increase in regulated rail fares on Southeastern Trains to RPI plus one per cent for one year from 2012 rather than RPI plus three per cent  
  • The Government will work with the Mayor and TfL to explore options for a proposed new river crossing at Silvertown to relieve congestion at the Blackwall Tunnel.

Commenting James Brokenshire said:

“The announcements on fuel and rail fares are particularly welcome news.  The investment in additional Thames Crossings also provides a real boost for the economy as well as improving traffic flows.  On the national level the Chancellor’s statement sets out further important action to protect the UK from instability and build a stronger, more balanced economy for the future.”