Plan to Clear Waste 4 Fuel Site

The Environment Agency and Bromley Council have announced proposals to clear the huge rubbish mountain at the abandoned Waste 4 Fuel Site close to the A20 near Crittals Corner in Sidcup.  Work will begin when the Environment Agency has clarified legal issues with the site owner, although it is hoped that clearance will commence by the summer.

The two public authorities have stepped in to take action after Waste 4 Fuel – the licensed operators – abandoned the site with more than 15,000 tonnes left there.  A joint Police and Environment Agency investigation into those responsible for depositing or profiting from the waste  continues to be pursued with the Environment Agency making clear that all available powers will be used to ensure costs are repaid.  The site has caught fire on a number of occasions with smoke and unpleasant smells drifting across the A20 towards Footscray and Sidcup.

James Brokenshire has worked with his Conservative colleagues Bob Neill (Bromley & Chislehurst) and Jo Johnson (Orpington) over many months to see that the situation is resolved, holding regular meetings with Bromley Council, the Environment Agency and Ministers at the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs to help broker a solution.

Welcoming the news, James Brokenshire, Bob Neill and Jo Johnson said in a joint statement:

"This announcement should finally bring relief to local people who have had to put up with the consequences of this waste mountain.  The fires at the site have caused significant disruption and the rubbish pile is an absolute eyesore.”

"The agreement now made between the Environment Agency and the London Borough of Bromley is something which we have all worked hard to broker, making sure that local residents' associations have been kept updated and involved in the process."

"We are pleased that hard campaigning has resulted in this solution to clear the site. Those responsible for causing this unacceptable situation need to be brought to account and lessons need to be learned as to how this regulated waste site could have got so out of control."