The Olympic Tower

One of the lighter issues discussed on LBC 97.3 last night was the Turner-prize winning artist Anish Kapoor's striking steel sculpture for the Olympic site. There have been various descriptions of the twisted steel design, most uncomplimentary. I described it as resembling inter-twining red musical treble clefs. Cathy by contrast said it looked more like collapsing steel cranes - you get the difference of view even in this household! The tower currently has the title of the Arcelor Mital ‘Orbit'. I suspect that in time a more everyday description will develop.

Whilst the initial commentary has been negative, I think over time it will grow in Londoners' affections. Think of how the ‘Angel of the North' was initially derided but now is lauded. Whilst the scale of the Olympic Site is impressive it is largely functional and lacks a striking feature. Kapoor's tower will provide the striking aspect and will be featured across the globe. I think it will provide a modern symbol not just for the Olympics but for London in the 21st century. We may knock the idea now, but once it is up I don't think many will be clamouring to knock it down.