NHS ranked best healthcare system internationally

James Brokenshire has welcomed the publication of a new study by the Commonwealth Fund which has ranked the NHS the best overall healthcare system of 11 advanced economies. Our health service was ranked top in five of the 11 areas that were assessed, including access and safety of care.

The NHS continues to perform well, despite increasing attendances, being ranked higher than other healthcare systems in Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Canada, France and the USA, who were ranked last.

The Government has continued to increase funding for the NHS, despite the financial pressures it faces. The Government has pledged an additional £10billion for the health service on top of an additional £2billion for social care. This investment and careful management of NHS and public finances mean that there are now 11,600 more doctors and 13,000 more nurses on our hospital wards than in 2010. There has also been a positive increase in the number of mental health professionals treating patients, as well continue to work towards parity between physical and mental health.

Commenting, James said:

“The NHS continues to be, not only one of our most cherished national institutions, but also at the vanguard of providing an efficient and effective public healthcare service in the 21st Century. This is no mean feat and we owe all of our health professionals a huge debt of gratitude for their skills, efforts and resilience in all that they have achieved”

“However, the  Commonwealth Fund report does not mean that there are not problems that need addressing and the Government will continue to work with doctors, nurses and other NHS staff to continue to improve the effectiveness of treatment and the quality of care for patients.”