New technology helps keep foreign criminals out of the UK

James Brokenshire has welcomed the successful conclusion of negotiations that will allow the UK access to vital European data on foreign terrorists, murderers and paedophiles, preventing those that could do us harm from entering Britain.

Access to the Second Generation Schengen Information System (SISII) will provide law enforcement alerts on wanted criminals, suspected terrorists, missing people, and stolen or missing property. A meeting of ministers in Europe has formally approved the UK joining the system on 13 April 2015.

Under the new arrangements, law enforcement officers will have access to data on around 250,000 wanted or missing people, as well as 43,000 discreet alerts on threats to national and public security, including the return of foreign fighters returning from Syria and Iraq. These new warnings will appear automatically on the Police National Computer and on border watch lists, enabling the Police and Border Force officials to take informed, pre-emptive action to keep us safe.

Commenting on the news, James said:

“Foreign criminals and terrorists have no place in the UK and this government is using every resource available to root them out and protect the British public.”

“We have an outstanding system of public protection that is rightly held up as an example across the world. SIS II will strengthen this and provide another vital weapon in the fight against global crime and terrorism.”

“The system will give us access to alerts that could help prevent terror attacks, trace vulnerable people, bring offenders back to the UK to face justice, and stop dangerous foreign criminals before they reach our shores.”