More Visible Policing

James Brokenshire has welcomed plans by the Mayor of London to strengthen front-line policing and help cut crime further.  James’s comments came during a Parliamentary debate on Police Recruitment on Friday.  The Met’s strategic plan has prioritised visible policing across London’s boroughs with 5,000 new police constables being recruited over the next few years.   

Despite making significant savings in its budget, crime continues to fall across the capital.  Recorded crime in the Metropolitan Police area was down by 6% over the year to June 2013. 

Speaking during the debate James said: 

“The Metropolitan Police Service has announced plans to recruit 5,000 officers during the next three years. Recruitment is under way, and 1,500 are expected to be in place by the end of March 2014. 

“The Mayor of London has said that he will meet the demand of Londoners to keep police numbers high at 32,000 to deliver a safer London and to help reconnect the police with the public. That will mean that the police in London will be more visible and available, with more cops out on the street where the public want to see them.”