More police on the beat in Welling and Falconwood

James Brokenshire has welcomed news that additional police patrols are being brought in to help reduce the number of burglaries in Welling and Falconwood, along with additional guidance for households on how to keep their belongings safe.

There has been an increase in the number of residential burglaries in the Falconwood and Welling areas, despite a number of arrests being made. In a letter sent by Inspector Paul Saunders, residents were advised to remain vigilant to potential threats, such as cold callers.

As an opportunist crime, burglars are often attracted by insecure premises. Signs of non-occupation of easy entry routes mean homes are fair more likely to be targeted by burglars who will be looking for properties which will provide the best opportunity. Residents have been advise to store expensive equipment in lockable garages rather than garden sheds and to keep other valuables out of sight.

Commenting James said: “Despite crime having dramatically fallen nationally and, on most counts, at a local level, I am concerned by the recent spate of burglaries in the Welling and Falconwood area. I therefore welcome the renewed focus of the local police in bringing those involved to justice and helping to protect local households.”