More local apprenticeships

James Brokenshire has welcomed publication of figures showing that 310 new apprenticeships were started by people in Old Bexley & Sidcup between August 2014 and January 2015. According to figures from the Department for Business’ Individualised Learner Record, in total 2,920 new apprenticeships have been started in the constituency since 2010.

Apprenticeships help those that undertake them gain the skills and experience they need to get good jobs and get on in life. For every £1 the Government spends on apprenticeships, the economy gets back £18 and those on intermediate apprenticeships earn, on average, between £48,000 and £74,000 more over their lifetime than other people.

Across England over 2.2 million apprenticeships have been started since 2010 and the Prime Minister has promised that a future Conservative Government would go further and aim to create a further 3 million apprenticeships over the course of the next Parliament.

Asked to comment on the new figures, James said:

“These figures are fantastic news. Each new apprentice is a young person gaining the vital skills they need to enter into a successful career and fulfil their potential.”

“We are very fortunate to have a number of excellent businesses locally which take on apprentices and several excellent apprenticeship providers. Working together, Government and employers have enhanced apprenticeships to ensure that they are as useful as possible and of the best possible quality. As a result there are, nationally, 181,000 fewer young people out of work than a year ago. A Conservative Government will continue this vital work and create even more apprenticeships over the course of the next Parliament.”