Meeting with Libyan Prime Minister

James Brokenshire has met Abdurrahim Al-Keib, the Prime Minister of Libya to discuss the case of WPC Yvonne Fletcher who was murdered in 1984. The Minister for Crime and Security was joined by officers from the Metropolitan Police for the meeting at Lancaster House.

Prime Minister Al-Keib has invited officers from the Metropolitan Police to return to Libya to continue the investigation into the murder of WPC Fletcher.  Visas have been issued to these officers and they are expected to travel to Libya soon.

WPC Fletcher was policing a demonstration outside the Libyan Peoples' Bureau in St James's Square on 17 April 1984 when she was shot and fatally injured by a bullet fired from the building. The investigation has always remained open and the inquiry team within the Counter Terrorism Command remains committed to identifying those people responsible.

Commander Richard Walton, head of the Counter Terrorism Command, said: "We have never lost our resolve to solve this murder and achieve justice for Yvonne's family. We see today's announcement as significant."