Marriage Reform Proposals Discussion

James Brokenshire will join church leaders and parishioners from Bexley Village on Thursday evening to talk through current Government proposals to allow same sex marriage.  The Old Bexley & Sidcup MP had been invited to discuss the plans which are currently subject to public consultation and listen to the views of local church members. The event will be held at the St John Fisher Catholic Church in the Village

The key proposals of the consultation are:

  • to enable same-sex couples to have a civil marriage i.e. only civil ceremonies in a register office or approved premises (like a hotel)
  • to make no changes to religious marriages. No religious organisation will be forced to conduct same-sex religious marriages as a result of these proposals
  • to retain civil partnerships for same-sex couples and allow couples already in a civil partnership to convert this into a marriage
  • civil partnership registrations on religious premises will continue as is currently possible i.e. on a voluntary basis for faith groups and with no religious content
  • individuals will, for the first time, be able legally to change their gender without having to end their marriage

Further details on the Government's proposals can be found at