Making Bexley Station more accessible

James Brokenshire has met with representatives from Network Rail to discuss plans to make Bexley Station more accessible, allowing disabled passengers and those with prams or luggage to use the station more easily.

Meeting at the station, proposals were discussed that would see lift access provided for passengers needing to cross the tracks to the other platform. Under the proposals, currently still at a very early stage, two lifts would be installed in a new bridge, replacing the current underpass.

Bexley Station is one of a number of stations across the South East which have benefitted from funding from the Access for All programme, which has seen bridges installed at Canterbury West, Strood, Bearsted and other railway stations.

Commenting shortly after the meeting, James said:

“There will be many passengers who are likely to benefit from step free access between the two platforms, not least those with disabilities, older people and those travelling with children. These changes will make the railway more accessible for them and this is to be welcomed.”

“However, given the historical nature of Bexley Station and its location in the Old Bexley Conservation Area, it is important any changes are in-keeping with the character of the station and unobtrusive in the context of its position in the centre of Bexley Village.”