Joining Forces to Combat Online Crime

New and innovative ways to tackle the threat from online crime were discussed at the first ever meeting of the Cyber Crime Reduction Partnership chaired by Security Minister James Brokenshire.  The new partnership, made up of Ministers, academics, industry experts and law enforcement agencies aims to stay one step ahead of the criminals by sharing information and raising awareness among businesses and consumers. 

It is part of the Government's £650 million cyber security strategy which will strengthen our ability to clamp down on online crime.  The Partnership includes representatives from the Police and the National Fraud Authority, the Payments Council, members of Oxford and Cardiff University as well as the Federation of Small Businesses and the British Bankers Association. 

James Brokenshire said the first session had been very positive.  He said: 

“Cyber crime is organised and global and so it is crucial we use every means at our disposal to bring them to justice.  The Cyber Crime Reduction Partnership will draw together experts from all areas to find new ways to stop online crime and will ensure the UK is leading the fight back against this growing problem.”