James welcomes online mental health support for young people

James Brokenshire has welcomed the launch of HeadScape, a new website aiming to provide support for young people with mental health issues and break down the stigma around issues such as anxiety, depression or eating disorders.

With 10% of young people between the ages of five and 16 experiencing some form of mental health issue, early intervention is vitally important, particularly given the effects this could go on to have in later life.

The website, developed and provided by Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, offers a wide range of support and resources, from self-help and screening tools to advice on emotional well-being and a self-referral option for those living in Greenwich and Bexley. Having been developed by clinicians and young people currently using mental health services, the site combines clinical expertise with the emotional experience of those affected by mental health conditions.

Speaking about the launch of the site, James said:

“The HeadScape site provides young people who may be struggling with issues at school, work or at home a safe and accessible space for them to learn more about the help and support that is out there and to see that they are not alone."

"For far too long, mental health conditions have been wrongly stigmatised. The Government has been clear that mental health should be thought about in the same terms as physical health. Nationally, mental health funding increased to £11.7bn in 2014/15 and, whilst there is more to be done, innovative, new resources like HeadScape are a welcome development towards achieving that aim.”