James unveils plaque recognising the installation of a defibrillator in Bexley Village

James Brokenshire unveiled a plaque to commemorate the installation of a community defibrillator at the Freemantle Hall in Bexley Village. 

The new defibrillator will be available 24 hours every day for use if someone goes into cardiac arrest which gives a high energy electric shock to the heart and is an essential part in trying to the save the life of someone who is in cardiac arrest.  

The defibrillator was the initiative of the Bexley Village Women’s Institute who have been fundraising for this important installation since 2016 which was made possible with kind donations from many local businesses.  

The unveiling was attended by the Bexley Village Women’s Institute, the Community Heartbeat Trust, the Leader of Bexley Council, the Chairman of the West Kent Women’s Institute and many local businesses and residents.  

The unveiling will be followed by a training session provided by the Community Heartbeat Trust on the use of the defibrillator and CPR on Monday 29th April at 5pm at Freemantle Hall. 

Commenting, James said: 

“It was a privilege to unveil the plaque recognising the installation of the new defibrillator in Bexley Village. Defibrillators are critical in improving the chances of survival for someone in cardiac arrest and I therefore very much welcome the installation of a defibrillator in Bexley Village.” 

“Thanks go to the Bexley Women’s Institute for all their fantastic work in arranging and fundraising as well as to a number of local businesses for their support for this important addition. This collaborative effort reflects the real sense of community we have here in Bexley Village and which makes this installation even more special.”