James supports Standing Up 4 Sitting Down Campaign

James Brokenshire met with a number of residents at Woodville Grove the Anchor Housing Association’s sheltered housing development in Welling to discuss what more can be done to ensure local shops and high street are accessible to all and particularly those with mobility issues.

Residents highlight the ‘Standing Up 4 Sitting Down’ Campaign, a new national initiative aiming to improve people’s access to their local shops and high street by increasing the amount of seating available to those who need it.

Commenting during the visit, James said:

“Accessing local shops and leisure facilities can be a struggle for some people because of a lack of seating areas to rest in. I am pleased to support the idea behind Standing Up 4 Sitting Down campaign to ensure older people enjoy their lives to the fullest and to prevent isolation and loneliness particularly for those living alone by giving them this opportunity of important social contact.”

“The Standing Up 4 Sitting Down campaign also creates robust high streets that are accessible to all, thereby benefitting shops and retail spaces by welcoming more people to their businesses.”