James supports Alzheimer's Society's Dementia Campaign

James Brokenshire has joined over 160 other MPs at the launch of Alzheimer’s Society’s new campaign Fix Dementia Care which calls for further improvements in hospital care for people living with dementia.

Having completed one of the Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friend awareness sessions, James is aware of the small things that each of us can do in order to make life for someone with dementia healthier and happier. This applies to hospitals too and the Alzheimer’s Society is therefore urging hospitals to take a fresh look at what they can do to improve the care they provide for dementia patients.

With greater transparency and investment in new facilities, such as the new Holbrook dementia ward at Queen Mary’s Hospital, greater care, protection and understanding can be offered to those with dementia, offering security and comfort for both them and their families.

Commenting at the event, James said:

“Most of us will know someone suffering with the effects of dementia and will know that even the smallest of difficulties can it be deeply distressing. Therefore, there is a need to work with organisations like the Alzheimer’s Society in order to work to improve the level of care dementia patients receive.”

“The Government has made dementia care a priority and is integrating and improving health and social care to protect people at every stage of their lives. Local authorities will be given greater powers so they can raise up to £2 billion revenue for adult social care and an ongoing pilot in Manchester is exploring ways we can better integrate health and social care so that those suffering with dementia are properly cared for at all times.”