James meets Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust’s new Chief Executive

James Brokenshire met with the new Chief Executive of Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, Matthew Trainer at Queen Mary’s Hospital to discuss local health matters and the current phase of developments at Queen Mary’s Hospital.  

The visit provided an opportunity for James to discuss the provision of local health services and priorities with the new Chief Executive. James also heard about the steps Oxleas have taken to ensure winter pressures are eased ahead of the upcoming months, as well as to discuss the work Oxleas are currently undertaking towards the further integration of health and social care.  

As part of the visit, James received a tour of the development site for the Dental and Ophthalmology Clinic which is set to open at the end of next year as part of the next phase of transformation of the hospital. James was also able to visit the Acorns Unit, the Children’s Development Centre which provides many children’s services together in one location, including a sensory room, physiotherapy, paediatrics, and speech and language therapy.  

Commenting following the visit, James said: 

“I was pleased to meet with the new Chief Executive of Oxleas to discuss local health issues and the provision of their services in Bexley and the wider area, as well as the transformation plan for Queen Mary's Hospital. I am also always delighted to see the fantastic work and dedication of the doctors, nurses and staff at Queen Mary’s Hospital.” 

“I look forward to working with Matthew Trainer in the future in ensuring the delivery of high quality care for people in Bexley and beyond and in making Queen Mary’s future look bright and positive.”