James meets Home Secretary and family of Charlotte Brown

James Brokenshire has welcomed the personal commitment of the Home Secretary to the family of Charlotte Brown to bring missing fugitive Jack Shepherd to justice for his role in her death in a speedboat incident on the River Thames in December 2015. 

James has been supporting the family of Charlotte Brown as their constituency MP since 2016 in assisting them to achieve justice. The meeting was arranged  to seek assurance from the Home Secretary that all avenues are being pursued and all relevant capabilities are being directed to bring the convicted fugitive Jack Shepherd to justice.

Charlotte’s father Graham Brown, mother Roz Wickens and sister Katie pressed the Home Secretary Sajid Javid for the need for resolute, continuing and unflinching efforts to trace Shepherd during the meeting at the House of Commons. The Home Secretary provided assurances that all efforts and capabilities are being deployed through the Metropolitan Police, National Crime Agency and other relevant services to bring Shepherd to justice.

Commenting on the meeting, James said:

“In seeking this meeting for the family I wanted to ensure that the full efforts of our law enforcement agencies are being used to arrest Shepherd.  It is unacceptable that Charlotte’s family still have not seen the justice they rightly deserve.  There can be no hiding place for this man and we must be utterly resolute in seeing that Shepherd pays for his crime.”

“I am pleased the meeting provided an opportunity for the Home Secretary to set out his personal commitment to see that Shepherd is arrested and that the current manhunt has all the necessary resources and priority it requires.”