James joins the fight against cancer

James Brokenshire recently met with Susan Davenport, a dedicated cancer campaigner from Sidcup to highlight Cancer Research UK’s ambition to improve detection and survival rates and help more people survive this destructive disease.

James joined, Susan Davenport in Parliament at a ‘day of action’ event organised by Cancer Research UL to find out the part he could play in helping to achieve Cancer Research UK’s ambition that within 20 years three in four of all cancer patients diagnosed will survive at least ten years.

There have been major advances in the fight against cancer over the last 40 years and Cancer Research UK’s work has been at the heart of that progress. Two in four people diagnosed with cancer today in the UK will survive their disease for at least ten years, compared to just one in four in the early 1970s. In London, this means that around 14,000 people each year can now expect to survive the disease for at least ten years.

Commenting after the event, James said:

“It was a pleasure to meet again with Susan and to learn more about what Cancer Research UK feels can be done to improve cancer detection and survival rates. There is of course much more to be done in the right against cancer and I pay tribute to the dedication of Susan and the other Cancer Research UK volunteers who campaign so hard to improve things for cancer patients.” 

“Following the meeting, I have written to the Health Secretary to underline the need for continued focus on improving rates of early diagnosis, levels of public awareness and particularly participation in the bowel cancer screening programme.”