James hosts police reassurance meeting

James Brokenshire hosted a Police reassurance meeting at Blackfen Community Library last Friday to provide an opportunity for local residents to discuss their community safety concerns and to hear from Bexley Police on the steps they are taking to respond.

Attendees posed their questions and concerns to Chief Inspector Alan Duncan, Sergeant Gary Allen, the Safer Neighbourhood Teams, the Council’s Community Safety Officer and the Chairman of Neighbourhood Watch. With anti-social behaviour at the Oval, CCTV and methods of reporting crime being the main sources of concern, the local Police and Community Safety Officer provided assurances that this feedback will guide future efforts and priorities.

The event also provided an opportunity for James and the local Police to welcome the news that Bexleyheath Police Station will remain open after James had previously campaigned and made representations to underline the need for local policing and the importance of the Police station in Bexleyheath, alongside fellow Bexley MPs, Bexley Council and many other local campaigners.

Commenting after the event, James said:

“I am pleased the event provided an opportunity to for the Police to set out some of the steps that are currently being taken to reduce crime in Bexley and to highlight how local support, feedback and reporting is crucial in building local intelligence and focusing efforts. I am also glad the event enabled local residents to share their concerns which has subsequently led to further action and enquiries needed to be taken on some of the issues raised including anti-social behaviour at the Oval and surrounding areas, the 101 Police non-emergency number and communication between the local Police and residents.”

“Thanks to the bravery, hard work and dedication of our local Police, Bexley remains one of the safest boroughs and I will continue to work closely with the Police and local residents to ensure we keep it that way.”