James Brokenshire welcomes Queen's Speech measures

James Brokenshire has welcomed the measures set out in the Queen's Speech, including plans to ensure that those on the minimum wage do not pay income tax, to improve failing and coasting schools, deliver 3 million more apprenticeships and offer the British people a referendum on the UK’s continued membership of the European Union

In the first Queen’s Speech of the Parliament, Her Majesty outlined the Government’s plans to ensure that Britain works for working people across our country. These include proposals to lower the benefit cap to ensure that people are always better off in work, to continue the important work of the last Government in reforming pensions and securing real increases in the state pension and to improve access to GPs and mental healthcare.

Commenting following the speech, James said:

“The speech delivered by HM The Queen has set out our plans to deliver on our manifesto commitments. This will ensure that our NHS and public services are protected and improved and that the Government maintains its support for our recovering economy so that it continues to offer opportunity and caters to the aspirations of those who want to get on in life.”