James Brokenshire Celebrates 50 years of Coca Cola in Sidcup

On 27 September James Brokenshire joined Coca-Cola Enterprises to celebrate 50 years of the Sidcup bottling Plant.

The event was a celebration of half a century of producing soft drinks on the side. Sidcup is one of 22 bottling plants which provide the 4 billion bottles and cans of Coca-Cola Enterprise drinks each year in the UK. Sidcup will bottle all of the Coke Products which will be consumed at next year’s London Olympic Games.

James spoke alongside John Brock, Chief Executive of Coca-Cola Enterprises; Steve Adams, Operations Director; and Richard Davies, Vice-President of Operations, to discuss the work and achievements of the Sidcup Bottling site and all its 360 staff as well as recognising the local community projects supported by the Company.

After the presentations James went on a tour of the facility to see the new canning line which can produce over 300 cans in the time it takes Usain Bolt to break the 100m record!

Commenting on the event James said:

“Coca Cola Enterprises is an important company for the Local Economy and it is a real vote of confidence in Sidcup to see the investment which has gone in over the last few years. I am pleased to have supported this important milestone in the plant’s history and I hope that they continue to bottle drinks in Sidcup for many, many years to come”