Irish Community Services support Cancer Awareness event

James Brokenshire has given his support to an event in Falconwood to raise awareness of cancer risks amongst minority communities.  The event was held at the Falconwood Community Centre for the launch of the Cancer Awareness week being hosted by the Irish Community Services in Bexley.

For at least ten years, research has shown that there are particularly high levels of cancer within the Irish community. Death from cancer is significantly higher in the Irish community than in most other communities and older Irish people often only seek help when the illness has progressed quite significantly, only to find their condition is no longer treatable.  The Federation of Irish Societies hopes the events will raise awareness of the high prevalence of cancer within the Irish community and the benefits of early diagnosis, screening, and treatment.  

Mr Brokenshire opened the event and was able to praise the work being done both by Irish Community Services and other cancer support charities present for the work that they were carrying out in continuing to raise awareness and how early diagnosis can make a significant difference.

Commenting, James Brokenshire said:

“Cancer touches the lives of so many and I welcome this event to provide information and to underline that a cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence.  There is help, support and treatment available and by seeking help early – being aware of some of the symptoms – it can make such a big difference.”


1)     The Federation of Irish Societies (FIS) is the representative body for the Irish voluntary and community sectors in Britain. For information on local services visit this website 

2)     Ethnic Minority Cancer Awareness Week: