Improving Border Performance

James Brokenshire has welcomed plans to split the UK Border Agency into two new operational commands saying that the reforms will drive improvements on visa services and the enforcement of immigration cases.  James’s comments came during a phone-in on LBC 97.3FM when he fielded questions from callers about the agency’s current performance. 

Earlier this week the Home Secretary announced that the Government would be creating two separate entities to replace UKBA: 

  • an immigration and visa service making high-quality decisions about who comes into the UK, with a culture of customer satisfaction for business people and visitors who want to come here legally; and 
  • an immigration law enforcement organisation having law enforcement at its heart to get tough on those who break immigration laws. 

“Whilst there are some very good people working within UKBA it has been a troubled organisation for some time and change is needed” James said.

“Two smaller entities will provide greater transparency and putting this work back into the Home Office will give greater accountability to Ministers.  Providing a clearer focus on the distinct parts of the business will help improve both service and enforcement” he added. 

James also responded to questions on nursing care at NHS hospitals, rail franchising, counter-terrorism and the financial crisis in Cyprus during a 45 minute session on the Iain Dale Drivetime Programme on Tuesday.