ID Fraud Awareness

James Brokenshire has given his backing to efforts to raise awareness of how to reduce the risk of having your personal details mis-used.  Speaking at a special event in Bexley to mark National Identity Fraud Prevention Week, James said that the greater use of technology had increased the challenges and the means by which fraudsters could harvest and exchange stolen data.

James said:

"Some people still think that fraud is a victimless crime.  This couldn't be further from the truth with individuals and businesses losing thousands of pounds.  For some the effects can be utterly devastating.  The criminals prey on the vulnerable and deserve our utter contempt for their creation of so called 'suckers' lists' which are shared with other con-artists risking repeat victimisation.

"The Government is taking a number of important steps and the creation of the National Crime Agency will help strengthen the law enforcement response.  But I know that there is more that business - more that we all can do to make it that much harder for the fraudsters.  That's why I'm particularly pleased to support National Identity Fraud Prevention Week here in Bexley."

As part of the local activities businesses received a briefing from the Metropolitan Police at Bexley Council Offices on steps to protect themselves against fraud and to identify potential customers where bogus or stolen had been used.

National Identity Fraud Prevention Week is a nationwide effort to help in the battle against identity fraud. This year's event runs from 18-24 October.  For further details please visit the National Fraud Prevention Week website.