Helping to make London more dementia friendly

James Brokenshire recently met with dementia experts from the London branch of NHS England today to pledge to help transform London into the world’s first dementia friendly city, by educating people about the small things they can do to make life easier for those living with dementia.

James joined around 40 other MPs and policymakers from across the capital to compliment the training he undertook  when he recently became a Dementia Friend and to help spread the message of support  for the estimated almost 80,000 people with dementia in London.

Currently, one in three Londoners currently over 65 will die with dementia, with the number of people diagnosed with the disease expected to double over the next few years. Two thirds of people with dementia live in the community and therefore it is vitally important that we do our utmost to ensure that they are comfortable and happy whenever possible.

Commenting after the event, James said:

“Dementia is something that will affect many of us, our friends and our families in the future and therefore, with the numbers of people with dementia likely to increase, it is important that we all ensure that we do the small and simple things that can serve to make life easier for them.

“By ensuring that dementia is better understood as a condition and giving people the insight to look behind the condition, we can all do our bit to tackle one of the greatest health challenges facing our community.  By pledging to help make London a city where dementia is better understood, we will ensure that those living with this heart-breaking disease are treated with more compassion and dignity.”