Helping to beat cancer sooner

James Brokenshire has reaffirmed his support for the important work of Cancer Research UK at their recent Parliamentary event as part of their Help Beat Cancer Sooner campaign, pledging to help keep cancer diagnosis and care on the agenda.

Around 1,300 people are diagnosed with cancer in Bexley every year and although more than 50% survive, there is still a lot more that needs to be done in order to improve early diagnosis and the effectiveness of treatment.

Across the UK more than 2million people are expected to be diagnoses with cancer over the course of this Parliament and therefore it is vital that cancer charities, researchers, the NHS and Government work together in order to help more people survive the disease.

Commenting at the event in Parliament, James said:

“Practically everyone has been directly impacted by cancer, either themselves or through seeing the devastation it can cause for friends and family members. Unfortunately, many will have lost loved ones to this terrible disease too.”

“However, by continuing to support the vital work of those charities and organisations working to develop even more effective methods of diagnosis and treatment, we can help more people survive cancer. I look forward to continuing to champion the work of Cancer Research UK over the course of this Parliament and beyond.”