Heartstart Havering

Heartstart Havering marked their relaunch with a special event at the Queen's Hospital in Romford earlier today.  I joined the Deputy Mayor of Havering, Councillor Melvin Wallace, Angela Watkinson MP and other community representatives in supporting a new push to increase the number of people trained to respond if someone has a suspected heart attack.  I attended a Heartstart course several years back after my father had a heart attack. Having the knowlege to recognise the symptoms and - if necssary - provide basic CPR if someone goes into a cardiac arrest could literally save someone's life. 

Heartstart Havering's co-ordinator Andrew Attack has done a great job in launching the organisation in 2002 with the support of the British Heart Foundation and developing its programmes since then.  I hope that more people will take just a couple of hours to learn the basic skills.  The Deputy Mayor offered to take part in a future course and I hope others will too.

For further details you can contact Heartstart Havering on 01708 742566 or by emailingheartstart@haveing.org.uk.  You can also find out more about Heartstart Havering by visiting their website: www.havering.org.uk.