Giving heart to the home

James Brokenshire recently visited the British Heart Foundation Furniture and Electrical Store on Nesbitt Walk, just off Sidcup High Street, to celebrate the fantastic work of the organisation they support and learn more about a very special, local retail success story.

The BHF store sells a range of homeware goods, from sofas and beds to wardrobes, lamps and other electrical items. The store shares its profits with the British Heart Foundation in order to fund research into cardiovascular disease, Britain’s largest single cause of death which accounts for more than 161,000 deaths each year.

Cardiovascular disease is an umbrella term which includes Coronary Heart Disease, heart attack and other types of heart failure, diseases which, on top of the massive cost to life, have also cost the National Health Service and the UK economy an estimated £19billion since records began.

Permanent staff in the Sidcup store are assisted by a network of committed volunteers who, whilst gaining invaluable professional experience, are able to dedicate their time towards helping those suffering from heart conditions and their families.

Commenting on the visit James said:

“It is fantastic to see the BHF Furniture and Electrical store in Sidcup and BHF’s nearby books and clothes shop doing so well. These shops not only add vibrancy and choice to Sidcup High Street, they also help to combat cardiovascular disease and, along with the BHF’s other stores in the UK, contributed £35million to research into new treatments last year.”