Film Club at R J Mitchell School

I went 'back to school' today to find out more about a nationwide after school activity enabling youngsters to enjoy classic and popular films.  RJ Mitchell School in Elm Park has been a member of FILMCLUB since November last year and has given children the chance to watch a variety of titles from Bugsy Malone to WALL.E

I got to see some clips from one of my favourite children's movies - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - and discuss the film with the children.  It was great fun to discuss favourite films with them and to hear their reviews as armchair film critics.  Their enthusiasm and interest was palpabale and they all wanted to get involved and contribute in the debate and discussion.

There was a real sense that through the medium of the movies the members of the club were able to let their imaginations roam, to share experiences with each other and to help develop language and literacy skills.  Congratrulations to FILMCLUB and to RJ Mitchell School.  I even got to clap a clapper-board when I presented RJ Mitchell with their "FILMCLUB Star Award"!