Challenge for young code breakers

James Brokenshire has written to secondary schools across Old Bexley and Sidcup calling on them to put their code breaking skills to the test and enter the Government’s Cyber Security Challenge. The programme aimed at young people in Year 9 and above, tests pupils’ IT skills and their ability to crack codes, seeking to find the UK’s cyber security force of the future.

Cyber security is becoming an increasingly important issue and therefore it is vital that we ensure that the next generation is ready, not only to exploit the many commercial opportunities the internet makes possible, but to defend themselves and the country against a wide range of potential cyber threats.

The Cyber Security Challenge tests pupils’ abilities against a serious of code breaking tests designed by industry experts and cyber security specialists. Schools are then encouraged to then pit their own cyber security champions against other schools across the country in order to identify the brightest and best and most talented young code breakers. Most importantly, resources and materials for the programme are completely free for schools keen to take part.

Commenting James said: “Cyber security is an increasingly important issue and dealing with cybercrime is a focus of my work at the Home Office. I hope that schools in Old Bexley and Sidcup will accept the Cyber Security Challenge, learn about the risks our country, businesses and individual users face on the web everyday and demonstrate the best of their cyber skills. I wish them all the best of luck!”

More information on the Cyber Security Challenge can be found at