Speeches in Parliament

Speeding up Deportations

James Brokenshire backs plans to speed up deportations and crack down on abuses of the appeals procss

More Visible Policing

Plans to recruit 5,000 new police officers in London will strengthen visible policing in the capital James tells Parliamentary debate

Making CCTV Systems More Effective

James Brokenshire has underlined the potential benefits of the use of CCTV systems to combat crime in local communities.   The Minister’s comments came as the Government published a new code of practice to encourage more effective use of surveillance camera systems and to ensure they are proportionate and more focused on aiding the fight against crime.

Clamping down on scrap metal theft

James Brokenshire has said that the Government is pressing ahead with implementing new laws to toughen up the response to metal theft and is examining further proposals to bring the regulation of the scrap metal industry up to date.  James’s comments came during a Parliamentary debate highlighting the impact of metal theft on communities and the steps being taken to prevent the crime from occurring.