Local News

Charities unite to tackle cancer

James Brokenshire has demonstrated his support for World Cancer Day (4 February), attending an event in Parliament to celebrate the work of Britain’s cancer charities and launch the new Unity Band.

Record Employment Levels

The number of people claiming unemployment benefit in Old Bexley & Sidcup has fallen by 20% in the last year.  

Immigration Act clamping down on illegal migrants

James Brokenshire has outlined how measures in the Immigration Act have helped expedite the removal of more than 2,000 foreign national offenders and how right to rent will tighten the net on those with no right to be here.

Barclays agree to delay bank closure

Barclays Bank have said that they will defer the closure of their branch in Bexley Village until September.  The news follows representations by James Brokenshire to senior managers over the impact of the closure on the Village during a particularly challenging period because of the engineering works to replace the bridge at the Old Mill. 

Barnehurst Rail Landslip

A landslip has blocked the train line at Barnehurst causing significant disruption right across Southeastern Metro services.