Local News

Strengthening the fight against serious crime

James Brokenshire has welcomed new proposals to step up the fight against organised crime with the creation of a new National Crime Agency (NCA). The details were published in a new Crime and Courts Bill which will be considered by Parliament shortly.

Working together to beat on-line scams

James Brokenshire has underlined the need for industry and Government businesses to work more closely together in a bid to beat cyber-crime during a breakfast briefing with local business leaders.

Sidcup’s Olympic Drinks Role

James Brokenshire has been hearing how Sidcup will have a key role in quenching the thirst of Olympic visitors during the London 2012 Games this summer.  

Strengthening Apprenticeships in Bexley

James Brokenshire has praised work to strengthen connections between local businesses and Bexleyheath Job Centre Plus during a visit to mark National Apprenticeships Week.  James heard about steps to increase opportunities for more local apprenticeships as well as the value of the programme to both local employers and people seeking employment.