Bexley Village Travellers Removed

James Brokenshire has praised the swift actions of officers from the Metropolitan Police and Bexley Council for removing a group of travellers from a car park in the centre of Bexley Village.

A group of travellers, including some 4 caravans, arrived at the Thanet Road Car Park behind the King's Head Pub early yesterday evening.  Police and Bexley Council officials were on site from first thing this morning to secure their removal.  Legal notices were served by the Police and the travellers left voluntarily at just after 1pm.  Council contractors attended the car park during the afternoon to clear rubbish from the area.

James Brokenshire who remained in contact with Bexley Council and the Police during the day praised the prompt action:

"The swift and effective action by the Police and Bexley Council avoided significant disruption to the Village." James said.

"This is a busy car park and it is easy to imagine the tensions which would have rapidly emerged.  It is great credit to those officers involved that this incident was resolved quickly, but it underlines the need for continued vigilance."