Bexley Station celebrates 150th Anniversary

James Brokenshire has celebrated the 150th anniversary of Bexley Station alongside station staff and train passengers, taking a look back at the station’s history and its contribution to the development of the local area.

Bexley station welcomed its first train in September 1866, a year after the end of the American Civil War and with Queen Victoria 29 years into her reign. Passengers would have had a very different experience to their modern day commuting counterparts and would have been outnumbered on the tracks by the freight wagons taking goods in and out of the capital.

Speaking to station staff and passengers, James celebrated the work of the station team working at Bexley and highlighted the station’s status as the only original station still standing on the Dartford Loop Line.

Commenting at the event, James said:

"Bexley Station has been an important part of the development of the local area. With 150 years of service to Bexley Village, it is right to mark this piece of local history."

"At the same time as looking back, we also need to look forward to see that passengers passing through Bexley Station receive improvements to their journeys."