Bexley says No to AV

Voters in Bexley have rejected change to the voting system for MPs by a majority of more than 3 to 1. The local result in Thursday's Referendum on the 'Alternative Vote' saw 48,630 Bexley residents voting 'No' with only 14,929 voting 'Yes' - in percentage terms 76.5% 'No' to 23.5% 'Yes'. The turnout was 37.5%.

James Brokenshire who has been campaigning for a 'No' vote said:

"Today's result reflects what local people have been saying to us during the campaign. They couldn't see the need for a change - particularly to a complex system that would result in no-one getting what they wanted. This is a clear outcome which now allows the Government to get on with the most urgent priority facing our country of sorting out the public finances and putting our economy back on track."